In a lovely setting steeped in greenery, history and culture, Trattoria Camporeggi keeps alive the age-old culinary traditions of central Tuscany, with delicious game and red wines that will complement your visit to the church of Giovanni Gualberto built in 1692 located across the way.


The establishment goes back nearly a century; the founders were the ancestors of the current factotum, Giovanna, cook of indisputable talents.

First a rest stop for a light lunch or snack, over the years it became a trattoria popular for the genuine dishes of Tuscan tradition:

Pappardelle with boar, braised fallow or roe deer, snails in summer, delicious salumi from renowned salumerie, including Gastone Bernardini with its 80 year old tradition. Simple ambiance, friendly staff, a step back in time.
The trattoria is as much a destination in summer as winter, a place for leisure, relaxation and people coming together to enjoy good food.
Last, but not least, the trattoria has always been a stop along the Route of the Valle Benedetta. 

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Field to Table

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Tuscan Game

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